About the company

Dear Sirs!

Ipaco Sp. z o.o. is a company with traditions specialising mainly in the custom production of both women's wear and men's wear. Since 1983 we have been providing first of all the West-European markets with export services. Since the company was established Zbigniew Jakubas, its founder and promoter, has aimed to render perfect quality services and satisfy the needs of the most exacting customers. Our philosophy of quality is a combination of a highly qualified personnel and modern machinery.

A long-term co-operation with such renowned companies as:

  • Mariella Burani Fashion Group S.p.a.,
  • Hugo Boss AG,
  • Baumgart junior GmbH,
  • Cinque Moda GmbH,
  • Escada AG,
  • Fila Sport S.p.a.,
  • Fink Modelle GmbH,
  • Fordan DOB,
  • Gai Matiolo,
  • GFT Donna S.p.a.,
  • Hucke Gruppe GmbH,
  • Mila Schön Group S.p.a.,
  • Popilia Trading srl,
  • Umlauf & Klein GmbH & Co.,
  • Zyga International Diffusion.

has contributed to success and appreciation of our company.We invite all interested parties to co-operate with us. We guarantee quality and timeliness of realisation of even the most sophisticated collection.

Our clients
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